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Sharing my Experiences with Anglershare

AnglerShareThrough the years, I’ve had the opportunity to fish some amazing locations.  A friend of mine, Jameson Redding, has developed a website where all of us can share our fishing experiences, locations, and pictures of these trips.

I am excited to share with you to start with, 14 of my favorite locations to fish in the United States.  Some are well known destinations, and some are hidden gems.  I will be using this tool in the future to share more areas that I’ve visited in the past as well as new found favorites of the future, so check back often.  You don’t have to register to view the spots, but I hope you will so that I can learn from your experiences of fishing and expand our boundaries of opportunities!  So, begin by clicking the link below and enjoy my stories, tips, as well as learning from others previously posted on the map.  You can find mine that are posted by “icastinayak”.


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