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A Look Back

This week my wife encouraged me to start a blog about the fishing adventures I seek and related topics associated with my obsession. So where do I start? Well, I guess it has to begin at the origin, which points to my family. From a young age, my father took me into the woods and taught me valuable lessons about nature and wildlife. Fast forwarding to the present, I am grateful for my wife who not only supports my love of water and wilderness, but encourages me to keep exploring. For me, launching my kayak into the currents of a tide, wading a cold flowing stream, or hiking through a quiet hemlock forest is refreshing after spending most waking hours viewing the world from the confines of sixteen square feet.

I write this initial entry from the Eastern Shore community of Mobile Bay in Daphne, AL which we have made home. I was raised far north of here in the small town of Reading, Michigan where I would race to get my homework done in order to explore the woods of the farm before sunset. Even after moving to the metropolitan area of Detroit in my mid-teens, some of my fondest memories go back to cool crisp Saturdays riding back with my father from the state game area as we listened to the college football game on “The Great Voice of the Great Lakes” 760 WJR, or times when we ventured to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a week of exploration and hunting. I now hope to pass on some of these discoveries and make new ones with my two sons.


Whether ten or 10,000 readers follow these stories of the past and new adventures found, I hope some of my entries may encourage others to not only seek the experience of the out of doors themselves, but also share it with the next generation.


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